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Welcome to Pho Thai Nam Restaurant!

Welcome to Pho Thai Nam, we are located in East Norriton, Northwest of Philadelphia, conveniently minutes driving from Blue Bell, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken & King of Prussia.

Our establishment is family owned and operated. We are pleased to serve you the two most popular cuisine from Vietnamese and Thailand. With an airy dining atmosphere, timeless Vietnamese & Thai settings, and traditional Vietnamese & Thai music that makes your dining experience a memorable one.
In recent years, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine have become popular food choices and, subsequently, popular establishments to patronize for diners in most cities in the U.S. Recently, a quiz in men’s magazine asked what type of restaurant readers would most likely take a woman to on a first date, the answers were then cross-referenced to reveal certain personality types: Italian food meant you were conservative, Chinese indicated you were thrifty, while Thai food suggested you were open to new things, smart, and even sexy. In 2011, CNN did a poll of World's 50 best foods, and Vietnamese Spring roll, Pho, Tom Yum, Papaya salad and Massaman curry are all make it on the list.

Thai and Vietnamese cooking are influenced by French, Chinese, and Indian cuisine, and our chefs has carefully crafted the recipes to incorporate the local produce, herbs and spices that available to us all-year-around, while not alter the taste of the original flavor. When mentioned about Thai or Vietnamese foods, people tend to think it all about spiciness, but that not all, a harmonious of spiciness, saltiness, sourness and sweetness that will make each dish you try will be a memorable one. Not only the secret in the ingredients that make our dishes flavorful, the cooking technique is also a KEY. Thai and Vietnamese dishes are not only tasty, they are also very healthy too, the freshness of herbs and spices in our cooking are naturally antidotes. 

Our appeal as a moderately priced establishment, with friendly but speedy service, great atmosphere, make Pho Thai Nam is a perfect place for your: Dine out, Birthday Party, Family Reunion, or Business meeting.

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